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Maximus mesh ergonomic chair

a revolutionary design in ergonomic seating comfort

Maximus mesh red upholstery _Rosier

The Maximus ergomesh chair is designed to perform like no other.

Simple in it's adjustment the Maximus mesh ergonomic chair is able to be adjusted to fit the operator precisely.

Exceptional comfort and postural support.


Newly released and further updated the chair now hosts even more sensational features.

- a single lever control mechanism that allows for seat slide adjustment to allow the seat to be adjusted in depth to suit different leg lengths. 

- a height adjustable backrest with a simple ratchet lift and move adjustment

- a special 3 dimensional and breathable elastometric mesh chair fabric that ' hammocks' and flexes to avoid pressure points.

This special mesh offers a full anatomical cradle giving excellent muscular/ skeletal support.

- the mesh ' breathes ' allowing for the effective dissipation of body heat through the chair.

- the new styled 3D armrest move in 4 dimensions - up, down, in and out, forward and backward

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