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Height Adjustable workstations

"It’s hardly breaking news that sitting at work all day is bad for you. Sitting for hours may mean you’ll increase your chances of dying younger than your standing counterparts – no matter how much you work out. If you cut the time you spend parked behind your desk daily, on the other hand, you may extend your life up to 3 years. However, even with these grim facts, how many people are really willing to stand up and do something about it? " ( source :Forbes )

With growing research about the health dangers of sitting at work, the commercial market for standing desks is picking up steam. 

Sales of stand-up desks are growing at four times the rate of “normal” desks.

From companies such as Google and Facebook and classrooms rom elementary to university level, standing desks are starting to pop up everywhere.

e-adjust sit stand desk

e-adjust sit stand desk

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